About Us

Palacio Consulting Engineers is a leading office based on the architectural and Structural foundations in achieving the Engineering Concepts , architectural design, interior design, landscape with the highest quality and Tender processing, Selection of specialized contractors and supervision of implementation, with Commitment to schedule.
Palacio has been established in the United Arab Emirates since 2003 in Al Ain and it has qualified technical staff specialized in the field of engineering consultancy, technical follow up and logistic support to ensure the implementation of projects within the specified period of time.

Our vision

To be among the leading consulting offices in the field of engineering consultancy in the United Arab Emirates through the provision of architectural and Structural designs that fit the aspirations of the UAE community.

To be partners of the relevant official bodies in the development of the construction sector and the growing construction witnessed by the United Arab Emirates through the accuracy of designs and the quality of technical supervision of projects.

Our Mission

Palacio Consulting Engineers is an engineering office working in the field of design, planning and supervision of various construction projects. It enjoys the credibility, transparency and excellence in providing modern architectural designs and providing engineering solutions while maintaining the highest standards of quality and meeting the needs of the UAE community.